Kindergarten School Supply List

Kindergarten School Supply List 2023-2024

Welcome to Kindergarten!

We are so excited to have you join us here at Rosa Parks Elementary School. Below you will find a list of materials that are needed for our daily learning activities. We look forward to meeting you at Kindergarten Orientation. Can't wait to start our journey together!

4 small glue sticks

4 boxes of thin crayons (24 pack)

1 8 pack of fat magic markers (primary colors)

2 black thick dry erase markers

4 black thin dry erase markers (regular point-not fine point)

1 package of small stickers (Ex. stars, round mini-stickers)

1 package of Alphabet stickers

You do not need to label the items because they will be shared with everyone.

Your child will need a large backpack to take to and from school each day. Please place a change of clothes in the backpack for your child.

We will accept the following donations of things that we use frequently:

  • Boxes of tissues
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Small paper cups (3oz or 5oz)
  • Plastic Baggies (Sandwich, Quart or Gallon Size)
  • Roll of paper towels
Please bring your supplies to Kindergarten Orientation in August.

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