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MAKING A CALM DOWN BOX AND AREA-You don’t need ALL of these!!!   Here are some ideas for Calm Down box or area:  Squishy ball, stuffed animal, small puzzle or legos, a fidget toy, playdough or slime, a bottle of bubbles, chewing gum, ear muffs or ear buds, device with music, pillow, blanket, coloring book and crayons or colored pencils, notebook or blank notebook paper with pencil or pen, a book to read, a joke or riddle book, a snack, a water bottle, sunglasses, or scented lotion. 


Remember “Stop and THINK”    T=True, H=Helpful, I=Inspiring, N=Necessary, K=Kind   



  1. “I message statement”    I feel-(feeling word)-when you (tell the problem).  I want-(peaceful solution to the problem).  

  1. Make a You are special “flower”.  Make a circle in the middle of the paper-write a person’s name in the circle.   Give the circle 5 petals.   In each petal write something you like or admire about that person.  Take a picture and text it to the friend or give it to your family member. 

  1. A great way to relax yourself:  “5-4-3-2-1"  Name 5 things you see. Name 4 things you can touch. Name 3 things you hear.  Name 2 things you smell. Name 1 thing you can taste.  

  1. Worry Box or Jar:  Find a jar (plastic) or an old box (shoe box, cereal box, tissue box, etc...)  Decorate the box or jar with ideas that you like.   You can use any art or craft materials that you have available.   When you have a “worry” write it on a piece of paper and drop it in the worry box.   Here’a great poem for your Worry Box or Jar. 

Worries are like visitors that sometimes come your way. 

Draw or write about what’s bothering you and then tuck those worries away 

Your worry visitors can rest & stay. 

Take a few deep breaths, saying goodbye for now, and move forward to create a GREAT day! 

  1. Pocket Friend-  Decorate a rock with markers or paint to look like a face.   Draw a BIG SMILE on the face!  You now have a pocket friend! 


VIDEOS or Websites Dance and relieve some stress!!  Dance and have some FUN! A little video about STRESS! Activities about Careers and Jobs! Problem Solving: Watch with your FAMILY! Yoga and Activities for younger kids! 


Read Aloud Books In My Heart: A Book of Feelings Pete the Cat-Story Time (a book to help you make up your own bedtime stories) Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!  Picture Day Perfection!  (create your perfect virtual school picture...take a selfie)