Good Morning Golden Eagles,

It is a great day to be a Golden Eagle in Woodbridge, Virginia.  Yesterday, I did a Zoom conference with Ale, Nikhil, Madisyn, Melanie, Nathaniel.  It was great seeing your faces and hearing your voices.  It really made my week.  If you see classmates or have their phone number, please tell them to email me at and we can connect via Zoom conference.  It was so great! Next week, we are going to A Show and Tell something that you have been virtually working on and I am going to read a book to you and maybe a lesson on addition with regrouping.  
Morning Inquiry: 
Literacy Activities:

First, I hope you are reading every day for 20 minutes or more.  Today I read the Rough-Girl by Rafe Martin and Illustrated by David Shannon on my Zoom conference, you should listen to it again and you can find it on YouTube.  I will attach link at the end of message. 
Second, if you have your Reader's Notebook, or any other notebook, you can write a Reader's Response to the book you read for 20 minutes.  
Some suggestions: What is your favorite part of the book and why?  Draw a picture of your favorite part.  Write about the beginning, middle, end.   Does this book remind you or any other books? And why?  What is the setting?  How do you know? What do the pictures and words tell you?  What is the message of the book?  What is the author trying to tell you in this book?  Would you recommend this book?  Please pick one to write a Reader's Response.  This should take 45 or 55 minutes depending on how long your book was and which question you decided to write about.  Also, you could research the Indigenous People of Lake Ontario. 

Third, you could sort your word study words, do a speed sort or a blind sort.  Use your word study words in a sentence.   Choose 5 and write a sentence using the five you choose. 

Fourth,  you could read to a sibling, a parent, a pet or stuffed animal.  Tell your reading buddy your favorite part and why? 

Fifth,  you could research a topic we are learning about.  Some suggestions:  life cycles, habitats, ecosystems, storms, weather.   Record your facts, and make a representation of your new knowledge in a brochure, report, PowerPoint, and poster, etc.  This could be worked on all week. :) 

Take a break.  you could do go noodle for 20 or 30 minutes. 

Lunch time :)

Have recess/ you could take a walk, take the dog for a walk, go noodle, throw the ball out in your back yard... 

Afternoon Inquiry:  


Please try to log on to Dreambox daily for 45 minutes.  
**** Program is tailored to each child's instructional needs and will reteach them in fun ways.  I recommend this program highly.

Please try to log on to IXL daily, too.  This is a great tool to keep learning fresh, too.  Some objectives that they could review are: telling time, calendar, patterns, odd and even numbers. story problems, weight, temperature, place value, adding and subtracting two digit numbers with and for a challenge with regrouping.

All students should be able to login on to these educational websites through their clever badges.  Additionally, I have sent home their usernames and passwords, too.  If they have been misplaced... send me an email to or send me a message on bloomz. app. 

Science and Social Studies can be intermingled into reading and writing activities.  Write about the life cycle of a butterfly and make illustrations and use text features such as bold print, captions, glossary, and index.  Each day they could write about a life cycle we learned about.  Butterfly, and its metamorphosis, life cycle of the plant, and the life cycle of the deer.  You could also research how the Powhatan Indigenous People used the deer and its purposes in their life.   You could use Wixie, PowerPoint, and SWAY.  Remember you can go on IXL for Science and Social Studies objectives.  

Encore :)  you could do gonoodle, do one of the Lego challenges, I sent to your parents, take a walk. play a game with a family member, or draw or color.  

Sending you much love and encouragement.  I know that you can do it.  I believe in you!!!! Hugs to all!!!! 
If you need help, send me a message via my email, or on


Mrs. Mueller