Character analysis 2.7 
Story Elements 2.7 d
Text Features 2.8 a
Sequence of events 2.7 g
Summarize 2.8 g,h
 Main Idea 2.8 f

4 Types of sentences 2.11 b
Nouns 2.11 d
Verbs 2.11 j
adjectives 2.11 k
synonyms, antonyms 2.7 c
Friendly letter 2.12 a-d
Dictionary skills 2.10
Informational writing 2.12, 2.13
Persuasive writing 2.11 a-d, 2.13 a-c, h

Number Sense Unit 1, Unit 2,  Unit 3, Unit 5
Time, money up to $2.00, odd/even, fluency to 10
count by 2, 5, 10's, 
order numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least
calendar, computation, 2 digit without regrouping addition and subtraction
 place value to one hundred
compare numbers, 10 more, 10 less
skip counting,  continue computation fluency
patterns, time, money
data collecting, interpreting data, creating a bar graph
story problems
 Social Studies/Science:

Famous Americans
capital, natural, human resources
Ecosystem/non living, living
habitats, weather