Essential Question: What information should we include in a good summary?

 Language Objective: Students will summarize what they see in pictures and read in text.

 Material: Google: Powhatan Indians of the Eastern Woodlands You tube for second grade. Virtual field trip website

 Procedure:  Explain to students that we are starting a new social studies unit, “Indigenous People”. Our first group we will begin to discuss is Powhatan Indians

Ask them to use strategies we have learned: Looking at the picture, reading then stopping and thinking in their head, “What did I just read? Does this information answer one or all of the 5 W questions (Who, What, When, Where, Why and sometimes How)”

Have students complete the following questions

This story is mostly about___________

An important detail is________

Another important detail is _________.

Another important detail is_________.

Social Studies

Essential Question: What was life for the Powhatan Indian like?

 Materials:  Information recorded from research using google and the virtual field trip website

 Learning Objective: Student will discuss where the Powhatan People live, what natural resources they had that were useful for them to provide food, clothing and shelter?

 Have students make connections with science standard, Ecosystem.  Students can discuss hibernation and the life cycle of the deer with hunting and using the natural resources around them. 


Students will use the information they researched to complete a summary about the life of a Powhatan Indian. They will make a connection with science by including the answers from the questions.


      The Powhatan Indians lived  in  the  Eastern woodland region.  They lived near  a  _________________. This natural resource provided them with _____________________________.  Powhatan Indians used _____________  to build_______________ to make it easy for them to travel on the water.  Powhatan Indians were also hunters. They hunted__________________. This was used for food and the fur and skin was used to make clothing. The Powhatan Indians used the natural resources around them as food, to make hunting gear, canoes, clothing and to build their homes. They adapted to the environment around them in order to survive.

Students will continue to gather information about the Powhatan Indians and write summaries.

  • What were the major contributions of the Powhatan Indians?
  • What vegetables did they grow and eat?
  • What was their source of transportation?
  • What were the occupations of the men and women?
  • What was the name of the homes they made and what natural resource did they use?
  • MATH

    EQ: What do students know about addition with and without regrouping?

    LO: Students can google: and watch double digit addition with regrouping to learn strategies to solve at problems with and without regrouping

    Students can use the you tube videos for second grade  as a visual as well as the practice sheets attached. In addition, IXL, Dreambox, and the new website I recommended on Bloomz, “


  • This is a new skill standard for them. We have not gone over this together.
  • Students should practice addition and subtraction with regrouping for the next week and if desired during Spring break.