To further assist you with a structured day, I will add a choice board each week with all content activities.  Please see the the choice boards link that is listed on the left side of the webpage.  You can send me completed activities throughout the week, and I can see students' work on IXL, Dreambox, and Raz-kids.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.    

Language Arts
In the morning, students have a Language Arts block.  I will assign two books to read on Raz-kids each week.  They can use the activities listed on the Reading and Writing Pages links.  Additionally, students may go to the Useful Links page for more resources. 
     ** I suggest spending one hour on Language Arts.
After lunch at 1:00, students can look at videos from Mo Willems.  He is the author of the Pigeon and Gerald and Piggie books.  The kids love the books, and I think they would enjoy doodling with Mo. The link is: 

In the afternoon, students have a Math block.  They can use the activities listed on the Math links.  Like Language Arts, students can also go to the Useful Links page for more resources. 
      ** I suggest spending one hour.


Social Studies and Science
In the afternoon, students also have a Social Studies and Science block.  Please see the Social Studies and Science link for suggested resources. 
      ** I suggest spending a half hour for the activities.
                      *********Stay Active*********

Throughout the day, students should also have time to move and play.  They can break up their Language Arts and Math time by taking breaks to be active.  Students can go to the GoNoodle website.  It has a variety of singing and moving activities.   See the following link for more suggestions:
At Home Brain Break ideas.jpg

                                                      Image result for what is the go noodle website  logo picture



Additionally, students can go to Boosterthon.  We have done activities in school before with Boosterthon.  Please take advantage of the active resources using the information below.

  • There’s no cost to register
  • 75+ streaming videos with character topics and fitness exercises
  • You can easily register at Access Code: AtHome