Rosa Parks Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) Program

Watch D.O.G.S. is an innovative father involvement and educational initiative of the National Center for Fathering (NCF). As of now, there are more than 6,500 schools across the country that are employing the Watch D.O.G.S. program and we at Rosa Parks are excited to bring it here this year! Read more information about the program on the Watch D.O.G. website. We are striving to have a watchdog every day of the school year.

Benefits of being a watchdog:

  • A t-shirt for you and your student(s) to wear for the day recognizing both of you.
  • Being introduced on the morning announcements by your student.
  • Free coffee all day long.
  • Knowing you’ve made a difference in the student’s lives.

As a reminder, Watch D.O.G.S. are here to help keep our school stay safe. All Watch D.O.G.S. will sign-in as you’d normally do when you visit the school which involves being checked with our Raptor Security System.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our school representative, Assistant Principal Mr. Terrillion at or our Top Dog Mr. Sood at or 703.362.7305.


What is a watchdog?

A watchdog is a male family member (father, grandfather, uncle, etc.) who comes to the school and volunteers and acts as a role model to the students.

What does a watchdog do?

There are a variety of fun and enriching ways you can help:

  • Help with loading/unloading of cars/buses
  • Reading to students
  • Work on flash cards
  • Help with homework
  • Be a referee during recess
  • Eat lunch with the kids in the cafeteria
  • Share about your career
  • Provide listening ears
  • Monitor/Patrol the school campus
  • And more!

What if I'm only able to help out for half a day?

Not a problem. Though we'd love to have you for a full day we recognize that we all have work/obligations.  We'd be happy to have you for whatever you can help with. We just ask that when you sign up for a day, please provide your hours in the Notes field so the schedule can be created around those hours.

What happens on the day of?

  1. You'll check into the front office. You'll receive your official Watch D.O.G.S. t-shirt to use for the day and your Watch D.O.G.S. 'Dog Tag' nametag. You'll also receive your customized schedule for the day by the school rep.
  2. You'll assist with the student's arrival via bus and/or cars
  3. You'll go to the front office for a brief orientation with the Watch D.O.G.S. school rep. An announcement/introduction will be made by your student to the whole school (the kids absolutely love this!). You'll then have a photo taken of you and your student(s) for the Wall of Fame
  4. You'll start following the customized schedule provided to you.

How does the process work?

It's really easy to become a watchdog!

  • Sign up to volunteer for a day. This form shows the complete school year calendar.
  • Click on the date(s) you'd like and click sign-up. When you do so, it'll prompt you for your name, email address (this is so you'll get a reminder email two days before your scheduled day), and phone number. In the Notes field you can specify if you have limited hours.
  • Please try to sign-up at least one to two days beforehand so that we have time to create a customized schedule for you

That's it!