Good Morning, 

 I know that we are very sad right now and it's okay  we will make it through this. I am sending you many virtual hugs and much love.

 We are a family of learners and we will continue to learn together.   

AM Inquiry into Language Arts

Suggested activities for your morning of inquiry:
Read to Self for 20 minutes or more :) See if you have a flashlight at home and read with a flashlight in the dark.  

Make a Reader's Response in your Reader's Notebook.  Suggested prompts:  Does this book remind you of another book?  Does this book remind your of your life?  Does this book remind you of something in the world?  Pick one and respond with a picture or paragraph or both. 

 Take a journey through Mr. Webster.  See if you can find 5 new words and write five sentences in your notebook.  

Take a break, do a Lego challenge, color a picture, go on go noodle, do yoga, play cards, UNO. 

Read to a buddy, sibling, caregiver, parent, pet, or stuffed animal.  Orally retell the story to your buddy using sequence words.

Login IXL and practice language arts skills.  You could review nouns and verbs today.  

Take a break/Lunch :)

Recess or outside time, or go noodle, or whatever you want to do to keep yourself active. 

Afternoon Inquiry:  

Suggested Activities: 

Login on Dream box and practice math for 45 minutes.  Have fun! Hope you get lots of coins.  :) 

If you need to change it up, go on IXL and practice rounding, adding and subtracting 2 digits numbers without regrouping, and 100 more, and 100 less, and place value, and comparing numbers.  Just choose a couple objectives.  

Science/ Social Studies IB 
You can begin researching our new unit of study, Indigenous people. Our first are
 the Powhatan Indigenous people of Virginia.   You guys are experts at researching. Remember to write down important facts. Use our summarizing or story elements skills to help you. It is your choice how you would like to present your information. You could make a brochure, a poster or our favorite... a power point :)  If you want you can share your project with me by emailing me:, text it to me 703-801-5708 or Bloomz me.

Or you could take a virtual field trip, check them out on my webpage. 
Remember to have fun, take breaks. if you don't understand something, send me a message, I will get back to you asap. 

  I am here for you.  I miss you all terribly and love you to infinity and beyond.  Sending you virtual hugs. 

Mrs. Callahan