Suggested Schedule for 2nd Grade Extended Learning by Mrs. Mueller 
Morning Inquiry:

Suggested Activities for Literacy:

Read for 20 minutes. 

Write a Reader's Response in Reader's Notebook
3 to 4 sentences and a picture, see suggestions on daily message from Mrs. Mueller 

Sort Word Study Words 

Do a Blind Sort

Read to a parent, sibling, pet, or stuffed animal.  Tell them about the book you read. 

Login onto arts, read a story, summarizing. Grammar skills, possessive nouns, use prefixes and suffixes, homophones, and review nouns, verbs, and adjectives, possessive nouns, and pronouns. 

Take a break/ eat a snack 

Write to a writing prompt, Mrs. Mueller will provide.  
Day 1: Persuade your parent to stay up an hour later. Use the "OREO" method.
Day 2: Persuade your parents to allow you to eat ice cream for dinner. Use the "OREO"
Day 3: Persuade your parents to allow you to play your favorite video game. Use the "OREO"
Day 4: Persuade your parents to let you stay up past your bedtime. Use the "OREO"
Day 5: Persuade your parents to let you make dinner tonight. Use the "OREO"

Do a fun activity on StarFall/listen to a story on StoryOnline. or write a letter to your family member, Mrs. Mueller, make a list of your favorite books, or games, or food.  

Take a break/ Lunch

Afternoon Inquiry 

Math Routine

Please login on to either or use the Rosa Parks Website login.  Students can use their clever badges as well to log in.  

Please practice the following skills: 

Probability (2.14)  Data Analysis(2.15ab), Telling Time(2.9), Adding with Regrouping, Number Sense, Place Value to the hundreds place, Expanded form up to the 100's place, 10 more, 10 less, Rounding, Counting Money to $2.00, Equal / not Equal, Story Problems, adding and subtracting to the hundreds place, calendar, weight, temperature, reading a thermometer, patterns, even and odd numbers, etc.  

Science:  you could research an ecosystem, or habitat, or animal.  Record your facts and make a poster or a book about your research.  Or you could create a Wixie or PowerPoint.  

Social Studies: you could begin to research Powhatan Indigenous People of Virginia.  Research about the land, climate, natural resources, homes, jobs, and food.  You could create a sway, PowerPoint, use Wixie, scrap book, poster, brochure, and a map.  

Art:  Draw a picture of your favorite Spring Activity to do.  Draw a picture of your backyard.  Paint and or color a picture. 

Music: Dance to your favorite music, gonoodle. 

PE: Go on a walk, take a nature walk, play outside. 

Spanish:  I sent parents a link about practicing Spanish. 

Break- play a game, color a picture, read a book. do some yoga.