Scholastic provides magazines and activities online to support learning at home

A complete list of 2nd Grade Standards of Learning objectives. 

IXL:  Please use this website for enrichment and extra practice on math skills as well as language arts skills.  

Log on on Clever, PWCS, use clever badges, you can log on to Wixie, Dreambox, BrainPoP, and IXL, BenchmarkUniverse,, Khan Academy,  Khan Academy has many lessons in mathematics that the students can do as well.  

Bloomz is useful because I am communicating with parents and students through this app since the beginning of the school year. 

Starfall has literacy and math skills on it.  The students enjoy it.  Also, the books can be read to them, too. 

Storyonline is a great resource.  On this site, famous actors and actresses read a loud great books.  I highly recommend this site.