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Happy November!!? ? This month  consists of many  different holidays and events that will interrupt our usual routine. Please be advise of the days that students will not have Signet. ? ? Resource Spotlight:? www.braingle.com- is a website that has many different logic puzzles and activities. Unit of Studies: Structure of Systems:? 1st-Zoopkeeper? Week 8-Identifying and analyzing different habitats? Week 9-Identify one animal and their unique features? Week 10-Animals' needs to survive? 2nd-Case of the Broken Fishbowl? Week 8- White Powder Experiment? Week 9-Analyzing the clues and making predictions? Week 10-Analyzing suspects and breaking codes? ? 3rd-Cultural Kaleidoscope? Week 8-Developing map skills (coordinate planes)? Week 9-Develop map skills and interpret geographic information (Map review)? Week 10-Diverse research tools to find information on different countries and START independent research 4th and 5 Grades-Amazing Almonso's Amusement Park Week 8-Designing the pavilion for the Amusement park? Week 9-Constructing the pavilion? Week 10-Work on how to present the project Reminders & Events? ? Differentiated Service Plans will be delivered to students and must be returned signed.? ? 4th and 5th grade students will not have Signet the week of Thanksgiving.
Posted by MONEYCM  On Nov 05, 2019 at 1:08 PM
? It's finally Fall!! There are many different activities for students  to try at home. The spotlight activity would be Topicubes!!? It's fun game for the whole family to enjoy. Reminders & Events? ? No classes the week of 10/15-10/18? ? 3rd grade CogAt testing last week in October? ? 2nd grade NNAT testin
Posted by MONEYCM  On Nov 05, 2019 at 1:04 PM
Welcome back to school!! I am excited about exploring new ideas and concepts in our Signet classes. We will be starting up our Signet classes the week of September 9th.  We will be focusing on various topics based on the different grade levels. Below are our first topics of discussions. Introductions into:​ ​ 1st grade: Zookeeper​ ​ 2nd grade: Case of the Broken Fishbowl​ ​ 3rd grade: Cultural Kaleidoscope ​ 4th & 5th grade: Alonzo’s Amazing Amusement Park
Posted by MONEYCM  On Nov 05, 2019 at 1:03 PM
Dear parents/guardians My name is Ms. Money and I am the new Signet teacher at Rosa Parks Elementary School. I am excited to support you and your child through the talent development program this year. Signet will begin September 9th and teachers have been informed of the students who will be pulled out of class weekly. I have attached a few items to this letter for your review and a permission slip that is necessary for your child’s participation in the program. Please see the detailed description of each item attached below for more information, and please feel free to contact me for any other questions, comments, or concerns.​ Service Permission Slip: The service permission slip allows for me to provide services to your child. Even if you already have signed a permission slip before, it is required that it is signed again since there is a change in the teacher who will be providing the services on the previous forms.​ Media Release: The media release form allows me to take pictures/videos for classroom purposes.​ Newsletter: There will be a monthly newsletter provided to inform you on what to expect academically and socially within that month.  ​ Classdojo: We will be using Classdojo as a way to share all of our good news and progress on a weekly basis. So please see the attached Classdojo code to connect to our class to stay informed. ​
Posted by MONEYCM  On Nov 05, 2019 at 1:01 PM
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