Here are websites and apps that are available for you to use at home

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU:  May the 4th Be With You RPES.pdf  

STEM AT HOME: - STEM challenges to do at home - More STEM at home activities to do at home

CODING: - free resource to introduce coding - learn - free trials are avaliable - 


SCIENCE: - great videos and resources on science/math topics - free online simulations for science - online science games - Nasa science games - games, videos, and information - free resource during this  time - FREE TIME FOR KIDS - NGSS Phenomena - Scholastic access - games and resources for science

ENGINEERING - Disney has partnered with Khan academy to create online tutorial on how artists and engineers go about creating a theme park 

Stop motion studio - create stop motion videos
chatterpix - upload a picture and make it talk