• Small moment paper can be accessed through your share drive via your email.  Due April 14th.


Optional Assignment to be completed:

Geography Grade Improvement Activity

Mini Region Poster

  1.  Choose one region of the United States that we have studied.
  2. Sketch a picture of that region on an 8-1/2 x 11 piece of paper (blank or lined)
  3. Label the states and capitals in that region.
  4. Answer the following questions, which you will present orally during your presentation:

Q1. What type of climate does the region have (weather)?
Q2. What are the land formations like (physical features)?
Q3. How does the economy make money in this region?

     5.  After completing this activity, you will:
Log into my geography account and do a 2-minute presentation

Website is flipgrid.com/glen3246

Flipgrid password is Rosaparks121

Feel free to respond to one another’s presentation with nice compliments of what you noticed your classmate did particularly well on.

    Your video MUST be posted no later than Wednesday, April 22 at 3:30 p.m.

    • Book talk for the month of March. Final Due Date 4/22/2020


    You may also use a flipgrid to complete this assignment, as well as, any other forms of technology. You are still required to cover the all information from the book talk rubric. You may not use a graphic novel.  

    Please do not forget to give the following key pieces of information:


    • State the name of the book and author
    • State the genre of the book AND why you think it is that genre
    • Tell what the book is about (plot), but do not give away the whole book
    • Choose a paragraph to share from the book
    • Tell why you selected that paragraph
    • maintain eye contact with camera (if you are making a video)
    • Use academic vocabulary throughout your presentation while discussing your book
    • Tell why you liked OR disliked the book


    **Please not that this assignment will also be posted on my teacher webpage and in Microsoft Teams.  Again, this assignment is optional.